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We are a company focused on inference of parameters in complex models, which commonly involve multiple properties, domains, scales, diversity of data types and prior information. Through the use of advanced modeling methodologies, inverse methods and artificial intelligence approaches, we provide services and develop technological solutions for our clients. We have applied our developments in different domains, with experience on subsurface model building for the oil and gas sector, geological 3D mapping, and data analytics for health sciences.

In sub-surface description, our services and technology support the interpretation teams in solving their challenges for the exploration and development of reservoirs. We have develop our own software suite of seismic inversion, quantitative data integration and visualization for reservoir description. Using our innovative technologies, we add value to the existing seismic and well-log data by mapping seismic reflections into elastic and reservoir properties to estimate the reservoir rock matrix and fluid characterization via the appropriate seismic and petrophysical models.

We provide quality services and technology developments in data analytics, modeling, data processing, advanced seismic inversion, reservoir characterization, interpretation, and resources estimation, delivering vital information required by interpretation and production teams to find optimal drilling locations and elaborate field development plans.

Our goal is to solve problems of applied sciences with the quantitative combination of relevant models, information and data.

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We are developers of our technology and software for seismic inversion, reservoir characterization, geostatistical modeling, and resources estimation. Our techniques involve the most advanced methods for seismic inversion, both in the deterministic and stochastic approaches, and its quantitative integration with rock physics and geostatistical models.

Being developers of our technology allows us to adapt our tools to specific needs when required. We have the ability to integrate different types of surveys and information within the inversion framework and adapt the forward simulation to the conditions of your reservoir (e. g., anisotropy, attenuation, multi-component, multi-azimuth, etc.)

Our innovation projects involve the development of Full Waveform Inversion (patent published 2021) in the elastic formulation with the ability to be spacially directed to the reservoir and the capability of extracting information of all seismic modes, including PP reflections, PS conversions, surface waves, diffractions, and refractions, and resolving with accuracy the target elastic properties and mass density; likewise, we advance on the development of Full Static Reservoir Model, and Full Dynamic Reservoir Model building using fast and intelligent methods based on knowledge networks.

In the domain of applied health sciences we develop succesful technologies for predicting the performance of antigen tests in real-world conditions, based on quick laboratory evaluation and population visual habilities characterization. Also, we extend the common limited information interpreted from antigen tests to provide meaningful description of the viral load and dissease evolution of the user.

Latest News

  • Info Geosciences provided technology and services

    for the completion of a Reagan-Udall Foundation Grant

    Info Geosciences successfully contributed with valuable consultancy and technology development to his client IDX20, for the completion of an important Grant awarded by the prestigeous Reagan-Udall's Foundation to IDX20. The achievements of the research and development work were two-fold. They involve (1) the formulation of a predictive computational technology to appraise the real-world performance of antigen tests based on quantitative evaluation of the devices combined with the characterization of the visual result assestment habilities of the user population, and (2) a technology based on image processing to further appraise signal and concentration from the antigen test intensity.

  • Info Geosciences updated components of its reservoir 3D visualization tool

    To complement its advanced technologies and software for seismic inversion and reservoir characterization Info Geosciences continue its developments of 3-dimensional visualization tools for display, quality control, processing and interpretation of multi-disciplinary reservoir and seismic data. The visual interface allows the joint visualization of wells, well-logs, horizons, seismic data and attributes with easy processes for integrating the information, image processing and color management.

  • Honorary Lecture for Latin America 2021: The new paradigms of seismic inversion

    Dr. Miguel Bosch, CEO of Info Geosciences, has been distiguished as SEG Honorary Lecturer of year 2021 for the Latin American region. He will discuss the present and future lines of development of the seismic inversion technology and its impact for the O&G sector, including Full Waveform Inversion, rock-physics and geostatistical model constraints, and the formulation of fast and intelligent methods for reservoir model building. Click on the link to register for free.

  • Info Geosciences successfully completes seismic processing and seismic characterization project for New Stratus Energy

    Info Geosciences developed and successfully completed a six-month project for New Stratus Energy and Montajes J.M., which encompassed the complete study of seismic volume, seismic lines and well logs in the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin area (VMM). It was possible to improve the seismic image of the subsurface through a new seismic reprocessing, in addition, to delimit areas of interest from seismic characterization using our own seismic inversion software.

  • Technical talk on intensity focused Full Waveform Inversion of seismic data

    Dr. Miguel Bosch, will present a technical talk describing Info Geosciences new proprietary technology for target oriented elastic Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) based on intesity focused seismic data.

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